Youth of the Year


Boys & Girls Clubs of America's Youth of the Year recognition is the highest honor a Club member can achieve. The Youth of the Year program celebrates youth who have overcome enormous odds and demonstrated exceptional character and accomplishments. These deserving young people are recognized for service to their Club and community, academic performance and contributions to their family. Youth of the Year honorees are shining examples and living proof that great futures start at Boys & Girls Clubs.

Youth of the Year 2016

Name: Ingrid Rodriguez
Age: 17
Length of Club Membership: 2 years
Program Participation: LIT, Keystone, College Bound, and Smart Girls

Achievements: Establishing a new home with her father and brother only, Ingrid had trouble creating a “normal” routine like other families. She had trouble sharing her thoughts fearing she would be viewed as different. However, Ingrid began learning about her new environment and neighbors surrounding her. Ingrid learned about the Boys & Girls Club from her friends who were trying to make her feel most comfortable. 

After enrolling as a member at the Boys and Girls Club, Ingrid became open to diverse cultures and backgrounds. She is very inclusive in all the activities she is involved in because she wants others to feel at home. Through her membership at the Club she has been involved in many programs, workshops, and Keystone events. Ingrid is currently a senior at Mark Keppel High School and is Historian for A.L.A.S ( Association of Latin American Students) and is also a member of the Korean Culture Club.

College/Career Plans: To attend Cal State and become a nurse.

What My Boys & Girls Club Means to Me: “The Boys and Girls Club is a positive environment in which I feel comfortable. I am able to express who I am and the things that I enjoy without being judged by others. The Boys and Girls Club of West San Gabriel Valley has motivated me to learn about others and accept my differences.”

Hobbies: Resting, Listening to music, Dancing, Eating ethnic foods .

Former Youth's of the Year

Since 1974, the Boys & Girls Club of West San Gabriel Valley has honored our highly dedicated and motivated members with our Member of the Year Award. Here is a list of our honored members since 1974:

2015- Paul Tsai
2014 - Amber Batchelor
2013 - Amber Batchelor
2012 - Jessica Ramos & Andrew Wilbur
2011 - Christopher Flores & Shiva Tagdis
2010 - Brian To & Raelene McDermott
2009 - Pricilla Alfaro & Christopher Flores
2008 - Arthur Casas & Jessica Huang
2007 - Alexandra Talavera
2006 - Shawndeeia Drinkard
2005 - Jeffrey Munoz & Jesse Wong
2004 - Jeffrey Munoz
2003 - Brittney Bevelaqua & Nick Perezsandi
2002 - Priscilla Corona & Keady Hong
2001 - Allice Hua
2000 - Kham Lam
1999 - Nichole Munoz
1998 - Crystal Covell
1997 - Richie Duarte
1996 - Allice Hua
1995 - Davina Wong
1994 - Annie Aguilar
1993 - Michelle Castro & Martin Urias
1992 - Joanna Pineada & Antonio Acevado
1991 - Rose San Miguel & Oscar Zamora
1990 - Stephanie Flores & John Blanco
1989 - Iiliana Aguilar & Luigi Rao
1988 - Brian Kamei & Christina Medina
1987 - Brian Kamei
1985 - Eddie Gonzalez
1984 - Sergio Gonzalez & Stephanie Haren
1983 - David Littlefield
1982 - Mike McDonald
1981 - Bobby Rodriguez
1980 - Javier Rodriguez
1979 - Mike Bimetal
1978 - Chris Wench
1977 - Anthony Huerta
1974 - Ruben Lozano
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