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Programs in Sports, Fitness & Recreation develop fitness, positive use of leisure time, skills for stress management, appreciation for the environment and social skills.
Triple Play: A Game Plan for the Mind, Body and Soul

Triple Play is a comprehensive program that addresses overall wellness for the mind, body and soul. Placing importance on physical activity, sound nutrition, and forming positive relationships, this program teaches members and their families about healthy lifestyles. The goal of Triple Play is to improve members' understanding and knowledge of sound nutrition and healthy food habits, increase the numbers of hours per day they participate in physical activities, and strengthen their ability to form positive relationships.
Because parents play such a crucial role in a child's healthy lifestyle, BGCA has a Triple Play Game Plan that can be used by parents at home.

Wanna Play?

Using baseball and softball as its foundation, Wanna Play? increases members' physical fitness by focusing on agility, balance and coordination. In addition to improving fitness, the program also helps members gain a better understanding of good nutrition and hydration as well as team dynamics all through a series of fun and engaging activities.

Sports Leagues

We offer structured teams and leagues that compete within the club as well as in inter-club tournaments (our March Madness tourney is a member favorite) With basketball, volleyball, and indoor soccer, there is something for everyone. Have fun in our gym in a friendly competition with other club members. Jerseys and equipment are provided. We are always adding new sports and activities so be sure to check our schedule for the latest. 

Recreational Sports

We offer recreational and drop-in sports for those who are looking to join in a quick game or activity without the commitment of a league. Kickball, dodgeball, and capture the flag are samples of some of our recreational sports offerings. Wiffle ball, volleyball and soccer are also offered on a drop-in basis. Jerseys and equipment are provided. We are always adding new sports and activities so be sure to check our schedule for the latest.

Social Recreation

Some say the games room is the heart of a Boys & Girls Club. Through games such as bumper pool, fooseball, ping pong and board games like chess, members improve motor skills, learn structure through rules and regulations, and gain an understanding of good sportsmanship and fair play. In the games room, members at an early age, learn respect, sharing and interpersonal skills that carry over into all of the activities throughout the Club and beyond. While the games room promotes leadership, honesty, respect and kindness, to the kids, it's all just fun and games. The front games room is for members ages 8-10, and the middle games room is for members ages 6-7.
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