Specialized Programs


In addition to our five core program areas, we also offer specialized programs. Some like Youth of the Year are national programs, while others are locally developed based on the specific needs of our members, their families and the community.  

Youth of the Year

Boys & Girls Clubs of America' Youth of the Year recognition is the highest honor a club member can achieve. The Youth of the Year program celebrates youth who have overcome enormous odds and demonstrated exceptional character and accomplishments. These deserving young people are recognized for service to their Club and community, academic performance and contributions to their family. Youth of the Year honorees are shining examples and living proof that great futures start at Boys & Girls Clubs. Read more about our Youth of the Year program. CLICK HERE 

Brent’s Club (Monterey Park, La Puente, Estrada Courts)

Brent’s Club is a sober club that is offered to middle and high school youth. The club provides incentives for participants to abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol. Members of the club voluntarily participate in a saliva drug test once a week. Participants who test positive receive private, discreet counseling. Those who stay sober are rewarded with incentives which include field trips, tutoring, and special events. Brent’s Club is generously supported by The Brent Shapiro Foundation.

STEM Sailing

Club members venture west to the Marina del Rey where they learn to sail, kayak, and paddle board. Our STEM Sailing program not only gets kids active and moving, but also teaches collaboration, communication, teamwork, creativity, imagination, critical thinking, and problem solving. They also practice STEM principles as they chart courses, study the wind, learn about velocity, and gain an appreciation for marine life and environmental conservation.

Notes for Notes STEAM Music (Monterey Park)

Through a partnership with Hot Topic Foundation and Notes for Notes, we offer a STEAM Music Program in a state-of-the-art music studio. The music studio is open Monday through Friday from 3:30 to 6:30 and is available to our teen members. Program curriculum includes creative song writing, audio production classes, instrumentation lessons, and studio recording. There is also daily drop-in time available.

Click the following link for more information on this program.  CLICK HERE.

Manners Matter

Youth who participate in this program will benefit from an exciting confidence building program that builds their self-esteem while teaching social and communication skills. They will learn the importance of first impressions. Do you know it only take 30 seconds to form a good or bad first impression? They will learn how to behave appropriately when out and about in public and to be aware of the many cultural differences around them.

We want them to feel good about themselves and they will because etiquette and manners are in tune with character development. Our Manners Matter participants will be introduced to the differences of table etiquette both domestically and internationally, which will be of great help to them when they travel and experience other countries and cultures. They will learn how to set a table and by the completion of a celebration dinner and will be able to look at a place setting and interpret the menu.

Early Learning Center (Baldwin Park)

At our Baldwin Park site, we run a licensed Early Learning Center for the youngest of youth, ages 2-5. Our Early Learning Center offers play-based and academic instruction for our youngest members so that they are kindergarten ready. We also provide the children with opportunities for social interaction to develop their social and emotional wellness.

Kids Café

Proper nutrition plays a huge role in kids' lives. Unfortunately, many youth face food insecurity, often skipping meals and not having enough to eat. To address this challenge, we started our Kids Café to ensure that our members receive a hot, nutritious meal at night before they leave the club. With an added education component, our members learn about healthy nutrition and making wise food choices while enjoying a well-balanced meal.

Birthday Club

Birthday Club is a program to celebrate a child’s special day in their life, their birthday. Every child no matter how young or old should be able to celebrate their birthday with friends and cake! Every month, youth with birthdays for that month, are treated to a birthday party. The party may be held at the club, or on occasion they are taken off site so somewhere fun.

Counseling Services

In the fall of 2014, our Club will launch the Social & Emotional Wellness Center, a family resource center offering counseling, one-on-one mentoring, and group sessions under the supervision of licensed MSW counselors. 
We have also partnered with the University of Southern California and now offer Professional Counseling for members and parents. 
For more information please contact: 
Monique Rodriguez mrodriguez@wsgvbgc.org
Diann Horton dhorton@wsgvbgc.org
Lisa Duong lduong@wsgvbgc.org

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