Health & Life Skills


Programs in Health & Life Skills develop young people's capacity to engage in positive behaviors that nurture their own well-being, set personal goals and live successfully as self-sufficient adults. 


SMART Moves (Skills Mastery and Resistance Training) was developed to help young people resist the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs and postpone sexual activity. The nationally acclaimed program features interactive small-group activities designed to increase participants' peer support, enhance life skills, build resiliency and strengthen leadership skills. Teens practice problem solving and decision making, stress reduction techniques and strategies to resist peer and media pressure. SMART Moves is for teen members ages 13 through 15.

SMART Girls (Girls Club)

An outgrowth of the popular and effective SMART Moves program, SMART Girls is a health, fitness, prevention/education and self-esteem enhancement program for girls ages 8 to 17. The program is designed to encourage healthy attitudes and lifestyles that will enable early adolescent girls to develop to their full potential.

Passport to Manhood

Passport to Manhood promotes and teaches responsibility in Club boys ages 8-17. Passport to Manhood consists of 14 sessions, each of which concentrates on a specific aspect of manhood through highly interactive activities. Each Club participant receives his own “passport” to underscore the notion that he is on a personal journey of maturation and growth. Passport to Manhood represents a targeted effort to engage young men in discussions activities that reinforce positive behavior. Passport to Manhood is an excellent complement to SMART Girls (Girls Club).

Brent’s Club (Monterey Park, La Puente, Estrada Courts)

Brent’s Club is a sober club that is offered to middle and high school youth. The club provides incentives for participants to abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol. Members of the club voluntarily participate in a saliva drug test once a week. Participants who test positive receive private, discreet counseling. Those who stay sober are rewarded with incentives which include field trips, tutoring, and special events. Brent’s Club is generously supported by The Brent Shapiro Foundation.

Cooking Club

Cooking class meets weekly introducing Teen members to healthy cooking. The chosen recipes are healthy and easy to learn, allowing teens to prepare these dishes again for themselves at home. Some sample recipes might include broccoli fettuccine alfredo and a fruit salad. All cooking classes explore their recipes origins and cultures. Cooking class is open all teenagers.

Healthy Choices

Implemented in 10 sessions over 10 weeks, Healthy Choices uses curriculum from BGCAs Healthy Habits, a component of Triple Play. Using age-appropriate materials, Healthy Choices improves club members' knowledge of healthy habits, good nutrition and physical fitness. Sessions are interactive, engaging, and include activities such as: creating healthy snacks, learning about "choose my plate" food groups, reading nutrition labels, monitoring sugar intake, and special guest speakers. 


NetSmartz teaches Internet safety skills through engaging multimedia activities. Topics include personal safety, shopping safety, and ethical use of the Internet. BGCA collaborated with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to develop NetSmartz. To learn more, youth ages 12 and under can visit, and teens and parents can visit
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